Creative Content Package

Looking for a content to be posted on your page?

Manage your page without breaking the bank!

The creative content package is designed to help small businesses keep their social media pages active and engaging even if they don't have the budget to hire a social media manager. It includes professionally curated content such as captions, visuals, and ideas for your social media posts, along with a content calendar and scheduling so you can plan your posts ahead of time.

Please note that this package is focused solely on content creation and doesn't include social media management.

What to expect

Lead time: 3 - 5 business days upon signing of contract, down payment, and resources provided (Photos, Videos, Branding, etc.)

Max of 2 revisions only

Social Media Platform: Facebook and Instagram only

This will be given in a Google Drive Link

Want a customized package?

In case you just need a social media manager or someone to handle your ads, we can definitely help you with that

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